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Time for HL students to study Genetics in a little more detail – Topic 10.

With complicated processes such as Mitosis and Meiosis the key to learning is repetition – you will benefit from constant re-vising of work previously covered. In this section (Topic 10.1) we are firstly going to remind ourselves of mitosis and meiosis using the video below

Then we will look at the curriculum statements for this topic and will identify what additional information we need to add to our existing knowledge. We will then look at

and see if we can find out the additional content required.

When we look at the causes of variation in gametes, we will obviously consider crossing over. In addition to this though we need to consider how Mendels law of independent assortment and meiosis conspire to cause further variation in gametes. THIS animation from McGraw Hill explains quite nicely what is going on. While watching this presentation ask yourself though could the animation be improved?

This section is also covered very well on pages 265 to 271 of your text book.