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Higher Level Option D

So now we look towards the Additional Higher Level work in this section and we start with the Hardy-Weinberg Principle.

A nice introduction is given by Hank from Crash Course Biology

Jason de Nys has done a Nys (pardon the pun) slideshare presentation

If you want to know how to solve H-W Problems then a nice tutorial is given  below



Reproduction in flowering plants.

Well it might be seen to be good form to present your mother with a bunch of plant reproductive organs on Mother’s Day, but what exactly are flowers, how does sexual reproduction occur, how do seeds germinate, and how do flowers control their opening? These are all things which we will look at in this section of the Topic.

Here is an excellent slideshare on reproduction in flowering plants produced by Stephen Taylor, and Here is a link to a Wikipedia article all about Photoperiodism – the control of flowering in long and short day plants.