Time for topic 9 Plant Science


As complex multi-cellular animals we tend to treat plants with derision, but is this attitude justified? Hopefully by now you will understand that we owe our Evolution to plants (they did after all put a lot more Oxygen into our atmosphere) as well as our day to day existence. By the end of the Topic I hope that you know enough to be able to give plants a lot more respect!

Here you will find theTopic-9-Syllabus-outline which tells you exactly what you will be expected to know by the end of the Topic.

The powerpoints we have used in class produced by previous colleagues of mine Mrs Dickinson, Mr Hobbins and Mr Boulton can be found here: –

Plant-structure-growth and Transport-in-angiospermophytes

Stephen Taylor has also produced some excellent resources which can be found HERE. just scroll down to find the presentations we will use in class.


Tomorrow we will be performing an Experiment to look at factors which can affect the rate of Transpiration. This will lead on to the introduction of the following design lab so would all SL and HL students please attend.

Design lab investigating transpiration