Topic 5.5 Classification is a section of the course with TOK links – why does every organism on the planet have the same scientific name in every country, and how do scientists decide upon that name? How did Linnaeus`system of classification change over time, and what features are used for classification? All of these things will be covered in this topic.

We will use this excellent resource from the Wellcome foundation to show how all organisms are linked together, together with where we will get examples of one plant and one animal showing complete naming.

There is a nice Classification learning resource that we will use parts of to learn key features of certain phyla of plants and animals produced by the nice people at

To help you

Populations and Evolution

So now we have pretty much finished Topic 5.3 on Populations, there is only your design lab left to write. If you have lost the front sheet it can be found by following this link – Design lab growth rate of yeast.

If you require a Little more Information on the Population Topic then you may wish to look here.

We are also going to have a look at Topic 5.4 Evolution. This is a very contentious Topic for many People in many countries. Richard Dawkins is a well respected evolutionary biologist – watch the following TED talk and see if you can see why.

Finally, there is a nice presentation introducing Evolution