Welcome to the DP1 Biology Blog

Welcome to the DP1 Biology blog. On this blog I will post useful resources to support you through the IB DP1 Biology course, both SL and HL students alike. In the words of the Beatles this blog is here to offer you a little

In the lesson today both my class and Ms. Warner`s classes will be studying together Topic 1 statistics. We will be using THIS handout. I have printed out a hard copy for each of you but have also included it here as we will be practising using excel to present and process our data.

There is also this PowerPoint on t-testing produced by one of my former colleagues Nadine Dickinson.

Not sure what you will be covering in topic 1, well here are the Topic 1 Curriculum Statements

You will notice from the Topic 1 Curriculum statements that the last statement says ”

1.1.6    Explain that the existence of a correlation does not establish that there is a causal relationship between two variables”.

There are many web sites/entries devoted to this section of the course. It never ceases to amaze me how many supposedly educated people make fundamental mistakes when it comes to  mistaking a relationship between two variables as being cause and effect. This article from Wikipedia will give you a good understanding though we do have the following book in the library which is both a very entertaining read, and full of examples where correlation and causation are confused (sounds like TOK to me)


Haven’t time to read the book but wish to know more, check out the Freakonomics website here

When we have completed this topic a good summary can be found at Bioninja. There is actually a Bioninja app that is very useful by way of a revision tool, but unfortunately the app is only available for Iphones, for the rest of us you will have to access the Bioninja web site for windows.

Finally (for now) also find enclosed the IB Bio syllabus. I would recommend that you familiarise yourself with this document.

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